21 Days of Awareness Challenge

Congratulations on making the decision to grow and change your life for the better!

This challenge is specifically catered to individuals that are ready for a change. Are you ready?
If you think you are, but not really, this challenge will be very triggering and a waste of your time. I don't want that for you. I want you to reach new heights of happiness and connection with others.

Each day will bring an area of your life to focus on and notice what is there, or not. Something might be missing too. This challenge is designed to make a list of what we notice, not to fix every single one of them.
I invite you to keep a list and only by the end of the challenge to pick ONE thing to work on. You can decide which area of your life to prioritize and improve. Once you're satisfied with your progress you can start working on another.

That's a method I've utilized in my practice, and in tango classes, I know it works.

Reach for the Greatest version of yourself!

Paola Aguillon

Success Coach

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